Brenda Wells - Founder and President


As a result of living in other countries and cultures and having worked in a variety of professional companies and NGOs, Brenda has developed an awareness to social conditions and a sensitivity to social justice. The incredulity that human trafficking exists within our midst and is such a fast growing epidemic inspired the formation of the i-5 Freedom Network. Knowing that awareness of the problem and reporting tips and observations are both essential and achievable, her goal is to create a neighborhood watch at the business level.

In addition to mobilizing businesses and communities to fight human trafficking, Brenda is also a Certified Corporate Trainer through Dale Carnegie and applies her training to reach i-5 Freedom Network audiences. Brenda also works as an independent Art Consultant. Loving the value of the visual experience that original art can offer, lovely or ugly, art is a powerful translator of the human condition.


Todd Forester - Vice-President

After meeting with the i5Freedom Network, Todd’s eyes have been opened to the atrocities of human trafficking that can occur behind closed doors. As a hotel manager with over 25 years of experience, Todd’s high energy and innovative management style has made him a leader in the industry, and he is committed to bringing awareness and training to businesses across the country in the effort to end human trafficking one community at a time. Todd was born in Long Beach and has lived most of his life in South Orange County. Todd enjoys playing guitar and acting for the stage and film.

Katie O'Donnell - Secretary

With a passion for giving a voice to the voiceless, Katie has had a stirring in her heart for unveiling the atrocities that so frequently occur behind closed doors. As the Director of Sales & Marketing at a quaint beach hotel in Southern California, she has felt compelled to be proactive in bringing egregious acts of violence against human life to the light. Providing awareness and training is paramount, for with knowledge comes the responsibility to be actively involved in the process of eliminating Human Trafficking.

Katie volunteers in the formation and mentoring of young girls and spiritedly participates in the music ministry at her church. Through music, Katie believes that wounds can be healed and spirits refreshed.

Jan Galati - Treasurer

Inspired by the opportunities i-5 Freedom Network offers for training and empowering in the hospitality industry to combat human trafficking, Jan joined the board as Treasurer. She believes that it is our responsibility to help those in harms way. Matthew 25:40 "And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”

Lynda Thomas - Marketing

Lynda brings over 20 years of non-profit work in various organizations. Her role has been primarily in leading those organizations and/or directly involved in the “behind the scenes” details of fundraising. As the mother of two daughters, her interest in the effort to fight human trafficking comes from learning what the victims, mostly young girls & women, of this crime endure and how easily it occurs.

Her other interests include anything in the creative realm from photography & digital art to dabbling in various paint medias.

Amy Miska - Volunteer Coordinator

Advisory Board


National Security Consultant

Steve Miska consults on matters of national security since retiring as a Colonel after 25 years of service in the military. His last assignment was teaching three years as the Army Chair at the Marine Corps University. He has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Previously, he served in the White House as a Director for Iraq on the National Security Council. In 2007, on his second of three combat tours in Iraq, Steve led a team that established an underground railroad for dozens of interpreters from Baghdad to Amman to the United States. He has published numerous articles, most recently on protecting local allies during conflict. He earned top academic honors as a Counterterrorism Fellow at the College of National Security Affairs at National Defense University. He has spoken on Iraq based threats at the Defense Intelligence Agency, RAND, and numerous media outlets and think tanks. He holds degrees from Cornell University, National Defense University and the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy and the Cornell Club of L.A. He leads the First Amendment Voice campaign on behalf of Global Peace Foundation and serves on the advisory board to several other nonprofits including No One Left Behind, IRAP, and the i5 Freedom Network in Southern California.


Small Business expert, Professor and author of Small Business: An Entrepreneur's Business Plan


30 years of Business and Sales experience


Speaker and author of Refuse to Do Nothing, founder of the San Clemente Abolitionists